Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Font thing Tutorial

Ok. Because, I'm much better with pictures, I thought I'd post a tutorial on how to change your font thing so you can browse fonts not installed on your computer.

Step One:
From Cricut Capers
Click on the browse tab

Step Two:
From Cricut Capers
Go to the folder that contains your seperate fonts folder. In this case it is on my desktop so I go to my C drive, then click on the users folder, I'm using the username "Mike" so I click on that user, and then to the desktop folder within. Then click on the folder name you've put your fonts in. (It might be easier to just put your fonts folder just on your c drive, so you can just hit "c drive" and browse to your fonts folder, and click on it.)

Step Three:
From Cricut Capers
When you find the font you'd like to use, right click and hid "load"

Open up your SCAL program and the program will see the font you've loaded.
If you'v already opened up SCAL I think you can hit refresh and the font should appear.
Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this tut.
    It was to late for me but I know it will help alot of others.
    barb911 s/e mi